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Hoof soreness, stone bruise, soft hooves, soft soles, thrush, shelly hooves, white-line separation, seedy toe, extended travel hoof wrap, greasy heel, non-specific dermatitis, whither sores, cuts abrasions, proud flesh, new and old skin conditions, hair regrowth


I have used Equiheal Ointment for treating horses with a variety of skin and hoof disorders.

I have found it to be a very effective product, and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone thinking of using it for any of the following skin or hoof disorders.

Greasy Heel, Non-specific Dermatitis, Thrush, Seedy Toe, Hoof Soreness, Cuts and Abrasions.

Toby Ryan, BSC BVMS
Equine Veterinarian Surgeon

We at Griffiths Racing have been using Equiheal products for several months. Not only have we successfully treated Greasy Heel but have used it as a general stable treatment for most other ailments including wither sores, skin conditions and other abrasions. This year has seen an increase in hoof related conditions due largely to the wet conditions Victorians are experiencing. I have found by using Equiheal Ointment that I have greatly minimized the amount of hoof and sole issues we were getting prior to introducing the product. I can highly recommend it to all the equine industry.

Robbie Griffiths Racing Stables

Equestrian enthusiast Angela Woodacre had an ongoing problem with her horse Banjo, and had tried many products without success until her farrier suggested trying Equiheal Ointment. This is what she had to say after her horse could not hold a shoe on for the past seven years due to soft soles and walls in all four of her horses hoofs.

I applied Equiheal Ointment daily into the souls and walls, combined with an oral hoof supplement. Banjo has been shod on a regular basis for the past six months without the loss of a shoe. I'm very happy and relieved by the outcome, and I would highly recommend Equiheal Ointment.

Angela Woodacre
Toodyay WA

One of my horses` The Black Star' was a white hoofed horse. He was prone to shelly hoof, abscess and hoof soreness. Each night I brushed a thick cover of Equiheal Ointment into the frog and sole and then placed a hoof boot which I left on overnight. This allowed me to keep training him daily. He went on to win thirteen races at Mildura and was named horse of the year.

I use Equiheal for a prevention and treatment for all my horses skin and hoof disorders including greasy heel, whiteline, soft sole, hoof soreness, cuts, abrasions and proud flesh and hair re-growth.

Anthony Adams
Broken Hill NSW

I had a horse that was suffering from soft and thin sole. A trainer of forty years said it was the worst soft sole he had ever seen. On recommendation from another trainer, I tried Equiheal Ointment. I packed the frog and sole with Equiheal Ointment and then  placed a hoof boot over it for sixteen hours daily. After four days he was walking freely, and after seven days he was able to start track working. My stable rider was so amazed that  she now calls it the magic ointment. I wrap all my horses hoofs before and after racing or when travelling long distances for the prevention of soreness. It doesn’t soften the soles like other products. I have had good results with white-line separation, stone bruises, corns and new and old skin conditions.

Paul Sandford
Gawler SA